I'm Alex :)

|w|a|t| [todo]

What a messy month for me again !! Feeling that my mood is swinging for the whole week !! Easily get happy and easily turn to an Em0 !! Omg ... extended my unemployment periods again !! Sigh ... how come there is so hard to find a job out there !!! ><'' ! Opps .. remembering that this coming weekend is a big day for me , feel much more better now !!

Weeharrrr .... next week gotta be a better week for me - including a special party that i will attend + my web business first week launch !! =) will be a meaningful week for me !!

Omg ... suddenly so miss bout my replica - a silly fat tummy small lamb !! + a botak who i have not seen him for few weeks !! >.> fai lan 7 d come bak here if u are reading my blog and have seen on this paragraph , <.< life is so boring without you accompany me go to Nanako !! so bored to have fun there alone !!! yeap o .. and there is still much more story i want to share with you .. faster come bak here !! my memory cannot store and keep so much secret in it , need to tell out some !!!!!

sien life sien life sien life ... with no big things happen to me , with no special case happen to me , with no good news happen to me and with no income flowing to me !!! what a boringgggg life !!