I'm Alex :)

Part 2

This is the reason why i wan become bad guy !! Read all the chinese words carefully !! you will get the meaning !! (n_n) and i got a lot of the characteristics of BAD GUY, i am proud of it !!

my mood is now turning to EMO for the past 1 hour !! my emotion is losing control !! they own me really well !! because my ex has a chat with me !! a chat which we both retrieve what we believe and what have we hide in the heart for so long !! she will put the blame on me , i will put the blame on her !! is that normal ?? hell yea , i knew this is a normal thing when u get quarrel with others !! but i dont expect that i losing control on emotion this time , i thought i am steady after all this turbulence period !! What the FxxK!! i am still that incontrollable by myself !! simple term - i am still insane for what i have experienced !! and hell yea , i was like Bracer gal , i trying to fix the broken relationship before , but what i have get back is --- nonono , and she is own by others now !!

aiyoyoy ... if we are over now , please be more cruel to me !! dont put any sympathy on me !! you will just make my heart lembut one more time , and perhaps stab a knife on my heart again !! as bracer gal told me , we really not sure what we want for , relationship , relying , love , sympathy , pass time wif the partner , fill up loneliness or what is the freaking thing i keep searching in my so call TRUE LOVE-ed (ed stand for the Ex , and true stand for the one i love most) !!i really have no idea on what i still searching for !! Thats why , i beg that either we are together to build a new road again or you can frankly spill out the Fxxxing word in front of me , ask me piss off !! oh yea .. it sound so teruk in my mind now right ?? actually i not sure what have i done for the past 1 hour chat with u !! but i knew i told u all the right and truth lay within me !! And yea .. you dont want me mention bout one of my friend , i wont do that , i am the type of keeping my words !! p/s: the one behind that you asking is GAN SU EE !! Among all my friends , who dont know i fucking hate her , who dont know i want to curse her die Kao kao , who dont know i will bang her if i got the chance !! Everybody knows it !! You got the clue too , just that you want confirmation right , here is the answer !! No need help her sweet talk in front of me anymore , poh poh also no need do so , because i have blacklisted it for once , they will never been wrote off from my book !!

Okie .. being a bad guy is in the sense of out look !! Not within the heart and mind !! Hmm .. you guys define me Punk last time with the 'Mo-Hawk- style with guywayne !! 'Jin' as i always tease all those innocents , 'Yam' when i gossip all the girls i saw , Bad when i really dare to do something extraordinary (this one should keep close to friends only , public no need to know what i mean by extraordinary , and yes , breaking gal's heart with intention can be counted as Extraordinary too) !! And yeah .. one more big Char of ME , BBK - Big Bomb King , aiyo , this is not bull shit sometime , this is knowledge , if you wan to say i bull shit , then why you guys damn agree with my points most of the time ?? I bull shit because i got knowledge !! Tak see other people can talk a lot like me ?? Even they can talk a lot , will they dare to publicly criticise and speak like me ?? no , because they are Chicken !! =) whatever you want to describe me , as long as friends of mine know what is the true AlexlyNn they knew , i am bad when times come , i can be a good guy when the this is necessary !! i am so called FLEXIBLE !!

Ahem ahem ahem ... you want me stand up for u when u get bully by him , no problem !! I will teach him a lesson if he dare to do so !! As what i have planned for so long !! =)

Deng deng deng ... yeap yeap !! no need to guess !!! because i dont do such kind of notice in my blog if there is no big news !! yea ... my soul is ripped by someone special lately !! why ?? because i think she can tame me , i think she can stand by me when i m down , i think she is the right replacement for the vacancy left empty in my heart , and yea , she got bracer before + she got a 'Cheong Pak Chi' voice oo(^.^*)oo i love all of the things i found out myself !! But yet , still a lot of things need to be discovered !!