I'm Alex :)


DEng deng deng, lets crosscheck my plan and the actual work i have done ... fully concentrated on my work now !!
Opppss ... reply my msg @ friendster first , very very important msg !! Ya o , we are going to use Msn As our communicator right ??? Since you dislike long sentence !! Xp
Alamak ... Actual work not equal to my plan , this time can die lor !! Hujung bulan jor leh ... how to reach my goal la , haiz .. going to die soon ..... X.x
Let's think again what else contingency plan can save my ass from this mess ....
Sigh ... life is always so sucks for me during this few months !! Never see a sun shine before , always hide me in the dark ... T____T
Unbelieveable SUX result , close my eyes from the result i have achieved !! No eyes see it !!

Never said DIE !! Tomorrow is always filled with HOPE !!! I will put in more effort in order to achieve my target & goals !!!
Phew .. finally today i went to visit Chin Siang !! Wua .. the journey to SJMC is sooooooo freak me out !! We arrived there in South Hall !! Wei Jen got the room number right but in case of mistaken , he asked us to call chin siang to crosscheck the room number !! So , James called him to get the room number again !! Ta - Da ... 535 is what James heard from the conversation !! But when we went into that department , the nurse told us that 535 is never occupied and the 535 department there is very dark + cold + special door to guard there !! (>_____<) !! We are so scared and stun right after we listened that there is no such patient in that room !! We thought that we called a dead body and he lead us to hospital !!! Somemore now is almost near to the month of 7 !! sobs ... luckily the nurse double checked for us and told us that he is placed in room 575 which is at the East Hall !! @#$$% what la you James , listen also can listen wrongly !! you want scared till our big boss pee on his pant is it !!
Lols .. we took the bridge that located @ First Floor that will link to East Hall !! The path to find His room is filled with our laughter !! wei JEn , u are the man !! Lols ... walking like a WHITE CHIQ plus want to act like assassin before entering the room !! The best part is you taking a FAKE ID to Scan the DOOR !! LOLS .. damn funny la your move !! Wakaka .... XD a best day for us to kill our bored !!! Good things never persist for long time after hearing what Chin Siang told us !! It was so disgusting bout the experience on how doctor pierce and wrap your PEnis and suck the blood out from your brain !! IT is really DISGUSTING AND SCARY !!! T____T *sobs* no worry big boy , after you recover , you with our big boss will go honey moon to China !! Xp !!
p/s: Take good care of your health too weak gal !! Eat more fruits la !! Oh , and drink more warm water !! LOLS ... go search it yourself the fruitsssss , dont wait till people served it for you !! Zzzz .....