I'm Alex :)


=.= must wear my glasses while using computer !! if not , will become a real 4 ngan zai soon !! Xp .. macam the guo lan ah pek , wear glasses jo lu !! Xp ...
hmm .. how is the feeling of piercing one ball in the tounge ?? Ah pek , can you describe and let me know ark ??

Zzz ... wen siang , you are not out of date la !! at least you know i super hate black skin one !! and you knew that she is that botak zai friend !! =.=' and i am not going back to the old house la !! The met met i mentioned during our yam cha session is the other one la !! My friend promised to pass me her met met once she fly back Mas !! Since she dont want it already , so i help her keep first lo !! Lols .. my teddy is going to be very good friend with her met met !! LOls .. and you're the only pervert , i with guywayne is a good boy !! =.= you own ur novvi or vinno d , whatever she is , you got one already !! but we both still having our single and available days leh , so , we decide not to let you know Xp !! And yeah ... dont want to fool you around jo la , Tommy never said we go club on his party , that one i cheat you only !! wakaka .. no need go back home hug pillow and sob in the room o !! we are best friend right ? sure will invite you to parteeeee then i attend !! but if you get MTV ticket , tolong la angkat 2 more , for me and the botak kia !! =)

Feeling so good when she tell me , i going to name a new nick after your hair grown long !! She read all my blog !! Lols .. i thought she will faint when saw a lot of words !! But , she still manage to finish it !! Applause for you !! =) Hmm .. okie .. i tried to keep my blog short !! thats why starting to camwhore and upload pic in every blog post !! Zzzz ... dont scared la !! you can make new friend in your job place !! They are all friendly stuff over there !! But bear in mind , your kaki will patah since you gotta stand there for almost 10 hours per day !! Lols .. so, i am ready to listen your complaint d !! XD wakaka !! and yea ... you owe me stories !! wakaka .. okie la .. no more other custome in the dream !! I will wear like a mickey mouse like i promised !! (^____^)