I'm Alex :)

Yes|To|Tom [DAY]

Yesterday was a disaster to me ... everything is not so smooth ... nothing is go with the plan !!

And so many things making me so hard to say good bye with !! But i understand that .... tomorrow is always a better day !!

Today , 10am is going to be a great moment for me ... dont fool me again !! show me something that will please both of the party !!! nothing to lose as if you use resource to get my brain and tactic !! and i am always wondering on tomorrow because ...

Tomorrow always given me so much hope !! No matter how badly today i have fallen , how worst i need to face with ... tomorrow always offer me a great shoulder to lean at . Reducing all the burden and stress when i think of tomorrow will be another great great days !!

p/s : bye bye to all my bad bad experience !! a long long happier and wealthier journey is waiting for me to go with !! more diamond moutain out there , gold flowing down from the river and sleeping beauties are all along the road !!! XD