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phew ... wanted to spend at least 40 minutes to write this page of blog for today !! not because of i am so bored and got nothing to do !! this is all due to i want to scream out all my thought ... but i dont think this silly bloggy can spell out all my feeling !!
first,there is a test which called Raymus Mades Test which can conclude your personality if you do it properly with all the exact answer you have put into the question !! Yeap .. i do specially agree that i am those kinda of beating around the bush if i want to tell out something that i want !! This is so called - diplomatic , or for short , indirect type of persons ! But .. sometimes i also felt that i m those type of directly speaking when i was teased to the max limit !! Or this can be so called of lost my control on my emotion !! Oppss ... unpredicted is the main trait in my blood !! This is god damn true !! i might not do something that friends thought i will go ahead ; but i will try it to the max for things that others see me fear of !!
Waaaaa ... after rounds and rounds of trying , i figured out that i m not a good employee !! since i dont have the blood of patient to wait for promotion and get things done level by level !! i am those explorer , risk taker and first line army !! i strongly believe i will success with the business that i have ventured in from today onwards !! Never work does not mean a bad case , as long as getting income every day will be the priority . So , lets chiongggg ark Mr Madness on our !!
Wow , first time borrowing so much money from friends !! at first , feel shy to ask so because normally i wont do so !! somemore suddenly want ask money from friends , it is like a bit weird !!! but after all , i dont think so , because friends are used to be helpful when you encountered problem !! so , =) weeeeharrr , thanks Will.i.Am and botak zai for lending a helping hands for me during this time of inflation !! Promise the debt will be cleared soon next month =D
Woot , thou getting some funds into my bank !! but there is still a short of money !! hope it can be settled out this problem by tomorrow or at least my leader will help me works out on this matter !! and i do Appreciate your helping - LESLie ,since you bringing me in on this small business opportunity and always lead me along this route !! Millions of thanks to my Friends !!now i felt that i m not ALONE !!! there are soldiers fighting all the way with me d[^^,]p !!
woot ... you want to go Penang ark !! this holiday cannot accompany you go !! perhaps the coming September one week holiday we can make it together !! [",]v because by that time i am confident that i have a fixed income and i am free from my working hour !! unless my Company has started !! then , gotta delay the trip again !! No worry la , i knew you want to help Her , she is those kind of little woman , so , no need to argue with her if she wan to gossip behind you !! Helping her already but she treated you as a Betrayer !! What a crazy relationship you are having with her !! No worry !! Friends with crystal clear eye balls will know the truth behind those story !!
Chloe Chloe (^____^) you're back to hometown !! Lols ... the first topic we touching is not greeting but is the way you ask me go gain a little bit more FLESH !! i knew i am so skinny !! but , my tummy is freaking round !! hope i can move all the fat and divide it into different part of my body !! so that i will become the type of boy you mention -- a little bit more Flesh will look awesome ! Haha .. okie dokie !! will try to build up more flesh in those pivotal part - arm & Chest !! o(^^.)o Ya lo ya lo .. you agreed with my point right !! All the boys out there having the same trait , pretend ownself as King !! Lols .. no need get mad with the fella la !! Lols .. he will be 'King' in his dream !! Lols .. because you have made a decision to kick his ass out from the Castle !! Lols ... better dont let him knew so earlier !! later your cell will be spoiled by his text and call !! 24hours of tracking on you + 24hours of sorry + explained !!
woo ... back to my own problem !! i really do sit down and listen what your heart told me and what my mind wants !! Yeah ... We dont have the feeling of felt that we used to feel on each other !! But .. i knew there is no much responsibility that i need to bear , then thats alright for me now !! with a P-E-A-C-E on my mind !! you the one taking the first move , because if you dont do so , i will start hating you !! So ... its might be the right time to say good bye !! Yeah .. we knew that we gotta go our separate ways !! There is no more fairy tales in my world , neither for you too ! Girl, you know my heart is breaking , and a thousand time of asking 'Why , why' from me myself !! but this is just a game of HATE !!so ... we better go our separate ways !!!
p/s : its a nice and meaningful advice for Eu .. he might be very good to you right now !! open up your ears and listen to the surrouding !! Except Bitch said he is good !! The other will show you Thumb down on him , even your bestie roommate said she dont have a good impression on him too !! A looter , cheater and sucker is what you are now going with !! Take good care of yourself if you are paying good attetion to my blog !! And this is the real right time for me - Bye bye Cinderella Kingdom !! i have a brand new mission now !! SHE is waiting for me , someone that need more care from me than you do !! Chloe told me there is always been a girl waiting you out there !! There is an arrangement from the GOD !! Lols ... If that girl is you , i will beg GOD to think twice before making this arrangement .. Xppp !! You Shawtyyy ... Welcome back Sabah !!
and i would out for 5 days to be my parents tour guide !! this coming saturday - nikkO hotel !! who want come send me flower and present !! I'm officially GRADUATED !!! v('^^')v
yeappo ... and my is going to launch in next Monday !! Friends please suport me by Purchasing one Pixel !! Its cheap , 1 pixel only Cost you RM1 !!! next monday , stay tune , browse your internet and type !!
i hate him her she and no one else !! But i love he his they them and a lot more !! In simple calculation , i gained a lot !! Theoretically i will be happier !! But in fact , there is still waited to be tested out the result whether this is truth or not !!
WeiJEn , hope you are reading my blog and you saw this brown line of Message specially dedicated to you !! Good news to you , Jennifer is coming back for celebration of her Birthday next week !! Er .. basically on your behalf i have agreed to HER that we will attend the partee !! But hor , the final decision is still on your hand , if you paiseh or want jual mahal dont want go , no one can force you one !! plus , attention , i might be going .. because i was damn broke due to all money investing in mua business already !! unless you wan become ah long lend me some first !!! Lols .... Keep it rawwwwwking !! NExt week is the best chance dude !!!! Cherish the opportunity !!
phew .. i think i have write on this page for 40 minutes already !! Ciaozzz ... time to re-union with my supper kaki !! Lim Teh Time !!