I'm Alex :)


i should write something bout my life complaint or enjoyment , i mean usually i do that !! But .. today i think i need to change a bit !! Firstly , ya la sook huay , i never cover any secret k ?? see i show you the sms i recieve from her !! But u hor , different lor .. joe joe msg u , david sit beside u .... (^.^*)v so daring o u , later david go back home cry then you know !! Xp

Eeeekkk ... back to business ... Wua , i never wonder the so called Snow White by me will oioi on 4am in the morning lor !! Lols .. and we have a long conversation over the line !! :) Feel so good !! But heart feeeling dammmmm guilty !! Because she using her sleeping time to call me so late !! Somemore tomolo got a 8am class !! o(><#)oo er, no choice jo , lets go sook huay , friday we go Pc Fair scout for this snow white !! LoLs ... But i think you drive me there plus u go hang kai wif my best brother (ur suai ge) , then the scouting part let me do it myself !! LoLs .. XD !!

And dont think too much la sometimes !! Every of my friends do think a lot every time !! Only James are the same of a kind like me !! We think less !! Do more plus talk more !! This is better right ?? Because keep thinking kenot solve any problem !! U must try it , face it in reality baru you can see which are the best soutions available on ur problem !! And how are you goin to execute all this solution to overcome the problem in ur life !! #(@@!)# sound like i am some sort of GURU in encouraging people life !! no no no !! i am the one who experienced a lot in the down time of everything (relationship . career . friendship . life) So , i do feel what you are feeling too !!

What if one day you guys find out that the talkactive , 'mou lei tao' alexlynn never wanted to talk much already !! Did it give out a feeling of strange ?? I personally felt yes lor ! SEe my botak wai also knew , he seldom talked one , but dont know he comes near me too frequent or go bak hometown influence by others , now he love to 'zat' people !! Love to tease others like no body business !! XD .. i am glad you're joining my community jor ! in order to acknowledge your courage in participating this community , here are the prizes available : sook huay , 'ban mui' , or sook huay's upstair gal (the one 'liok' other boys $$$ one) !! choose la choose la !! no need shy shy one , the remaining one can give pervert Siang !! Xp

d(=.=!)p oh yea , she noticed that i am a night ghost!! Blogging on mid-night !! Sleeping in the morning !! What kind of hell life i am having now !! Better dont let my parents know !! If not , to me !! My dad is going to nag me from monday to sunday !! My mom is going to shoot me from morning till mid night !! Lols .. Yeayea ... i should practise a more balance + normal + healthy lifestyle !!!

sppokkkky spooooky !! Month of HANTU is coming !! so , all of my friends , please be a good bois and good gals , stay at home more oftern until 15 aug , because until that time the Door of Doom will close then we wont follow by those hungry ghost that come out for FOOD o slacking !!! Xp ... who say ghost never slack , they do exist one leh !! i strongly believe it !! oo(T___T)oo thats the reason why i so scared sleeping alone in the room !! I need a girlfriend urgently !! At least she can calm my mind with her sexy , sweet and cool voice !! ngek ngek ngek ... job also can post for vacancy offer !! i need to copy from others , i want upload GF Vacancy post !! >.> later tak ada gal apply i ma 'sia sui' !! (Z.z) xiao wai , help me plan it and write it in words document and send to me !!! Xp !! Those rejected by me one you and chi gor siang can choose it !! =)

Oh yea , i want to become a BAD GUY !! [to be continue .... ]