I'm Alex :)


Aiyo ... now then i really knows things change hardly !! it takes time to see things change !! so , whatever i have and seem to be so easy to do one , really , it involves a lot of party , a lot of feeling , a lot of effort in order to see the changes on it !! The things i building for weeks is not a simple task as what we have plan , we see obstacles during the process , we see new ideas during the building , and yet we learnt to be teamwork plus trusting each other during the period of fortune building !! Thanks for coming in my life and lending a hand for me to build my career , and thanks to be a real friend to me !! (^____^) happy to have such a nice partner plus friend plus listener !!!
Aiyo again , i knew that its not me but it you that you have lost the feeling once you felt about me !! What la friends , i really relieved a lot already now !! The world wont end because of my bad experience , the sun will circle the universe without the globe !! And i will stand up as a player after the lose !! i am consider lucky in those do or die game !! Because a lot more others out there in the same city suffer more damage than me !! A Girl keep drunk because of her stupid boyfren , Lols .. i want to keep drunk also hard !! keep drunk = burning my $$$$ away !! But , i do enjoy during the club times , especially with my botak zai , my Robin Youth , my partner kia James , and never forget my big boss Wei Jen !! huh .. the list is not ending yet , Wen Siang also got big contribution during my down time because he was trying to make me drunk too and showing me some new models to pick for , but at last he always take back all the offering because he is the one always , tak ada LUI lar ... XP , chi gor Siang !! Hmmm .... oh ya , thanks for Butterfly lurver Michelle too , you really gave me a lot lesson Plus advice after my break up !! Aiyo .. u are my Si Fuuu too !! Lols ...
Hmm .. haha ..a senior told me , be patient to see things changes , you want them to be differ in such a short time , will it be possible ?? Think bak carefully ,it is really not that simple , i must work hard , put more effort , and accompany all these things with patient in order to get the similar results that i seek for !! Nothing will change if i sit down and dream !! OH yesss my dear Senior ... u light up my life one more time !!
Deng deng deng ... still complaining my Blog full of words ??? Hmm ... if you reading now , you might see , my thousands of words = 1 of ur picture only !! because ur pictures really speaks a lot !! You are not that sad after all , the picture is showing you that you are enjoying your life now !! Xp .... Dun SAD ... the Life will be wonderful and fill with rainbow after a big big RAIN !! And concentrate on your studies lar ... alamak betul , all the picture is taken in the club , still dare say out there want to stop clubbing ark , now every pic showing you as a frequent clubber !! =S ur parents are worrying you lar !!! But , club is good , dont get drunk then everything is alright !!
Botak zai ... finally you are back !! Wua .. geng ark , you balik one day only , we go mamak for almost 3 hours ark ?? ngek ngek ngek ... Canai 15 nice leh !! see , i never bring you go wrong place !! Kekekeke .... And dont always 'fat mou' in your room la ... fsater go out find things to do .. Your Wennabelle got boyfren jor lu ... wakakaka XD .. u this noob still a 光棍 !! Dai Sei .. she pit you now , officially own a new BEckham .. you are no more her ERIC !! yeap o .. she holding the new 69 hands so tight just now , scared that you never noticed she got a new ERIC !! Xp ...
Bububububu ... nei mm lai ark my hsemate alexxe , you dont believe my mouth can load with alot water , then i need to show you lor .. spitting it twice to you .. some more so near range , sure kena you one la right bruddddder !! wakakaka ... Xp .. dont always game and movie lar .. everytime asking me how to earn money and want to start your own thing , but pandai cakap , tak pandai action !! Take up some initiative , ACTION lar Bang ... if not , u wait for durian runtuh meh , nothing will drop for you if you never work hard to get it !! Get yours Ass up and start working la lazy bum . Everything can forget do , but Texting and calling your Ah Sam you will be never late plus never forget , calling your lao po always on time , nia ma you , if you do work also will have the good initiative like calling your Ah Sam , you will be a very very very Successful person jor !! If not , you are like the opponent said , why today very alot ma9fan people one !! XD wakakaka !!
p/s: thanks for the invitation wor Peggie !! Lols ... been trying to log in for few weeks , but could not do it !! =___= u solved my problem !! hehe !!!