I'm Alex :)

DO's & DONT's

Do's List :
  1. shud earn money asap
  2. shud think optimistic when the downtime is keep surrounding me
  3. shud actively participate in every events that offer me an opportunity
  4. shud turn back into a hunter rather than a waiter
  5. shud become back the real me
  6. shud pay more attention in my PHHP and TWOMADS.COM
  7. shud take part in e LOVE generation

Dont's List:

  1. shud not proceed with my plan so that SOB (son-of-bitch) would not have a great chance to act pity
  2. shud not given up so easily on every single little things that i have planned
  3. shud not dream in the wonderland only but need to take action instead of waiting
  4. shud not depend too much on friends as it wont help in the process of growing
  5. shud not touch so much with liquor in order to cease my tummy problem
  6. shud not believe so much in distance friends as they might be a two head snake
  7. shud not simply dump money in any project which is not confident
  8. shud not gambling

p/s : advice from kawan baik !! lols .. what a good notes for me !! thanks !!