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[NORMAL] life

Been falling in love with someone recently !! Thats mua baby nephew !! XD ... naughty him , everyday at least 1 call to me !! Thou he still cant speak , but the sound laughing and baby language seem like calling . uncle , when are u bak ?? dont forget buy me prezzie !! (=___=) what a notti nephew !! but dam love him !! His brain like antenna , will kick his mama every time before my call reach my sister cell !! This is so amazing ... My whole family members are stun with his foresee ability !! But he is just stuck with my call , whenever i call my sister , he the first one will notice it and keep kicking my sister right before the cell of my sister display my name !!

LOLS ... why r such a bad ass still deserve good protection ?? she really makes a lot people hate her !! but you told me that she never betray you and will care you whenever you are in trouble ?? Lols .. if she dont care you , how can she get a nice prezzie when some big days come , when you come back from sydney , and when her birthday is right around the corner !! PohPoh ark , this world really have alot selfish + villaint + betrayers !! You must take care yourself la !! She might not hurting you , but she really disappointed many of the friends around you !! Not only me , perhaps your boi is one of the victim too !! This is a sensitive topic , thats why i never mention in front of him !! no worry , i am god dam sure he wont browse thru this page too !! even he will stop by here , he wont catch what i wanna say !! (Z____Z) please dont help her to cover her faulty anymore , dont help her talk good things in front of me , i have gave her enough chances to prove me that i misjudge her !! But she really pass up a bad result to me ! She dont deserve our caring , at least we just treat her as Hi-Bye friend !! Oh yea ... you macam sangat free ark ?? but personal message there so sad !! aiyo , any problem can submit here la !! Gor Gor here will help u Settle Xp !!

Hmm .. dont know any of our friends here still remember the chubby guy , Chin Siang , study Taylors Business Foundation with us one !! If i am not mistaken , he is in CLass 1.1 , same with Eulynza , Alwayne they all one !! Genius always been fool by GOD !! He is really a true Genius !! A very talented plus young entrepreneur among us !! Doing some importing of goods from China and wholeselling in Malacca , and recently manufacturing his own brand of nail painter !! But .. He is admitted into SJMC recently due to the sickness or so call side effect from last operation !! Hmm .. hope that he is not that ill and perhaps he will recover in few months time !! GOD BLESS YOU CHIN SIANG and Ahmen !! Tomorrow i go visit you =) , anyone wanna join ? Drop me a text or call so that i can arrange the group !! d(O____O)p

ARggggghhhh .. her photo is really killing me !! (^^,)v so attracting plus adorable plus cute plus a lot more that cannot be stop mentioning here !! huh .. stranger are not allow in your BLOG ?? No worry ... the statistic is a sign of popularity !! More numbers + more strangers mean that you can dig some gold from your blog !! just leave out some space for Advertisement then it is sure that you will earn a lot !!

Botak ,you bak to Kuala Lumpur jo ?? Lets go YZ !!! ngek ngek ngek ... = . ='' or you busy cooking curry chicken with your Guo Lan Ah Po ark ??