I'm Alex :)

Tired Day

Why so serious? Become my ah sei also kenot shwo this geram face one ark !!

Self shot Xp !! nothing to do while on the way to Yuen Restaurant !
Oi wayne,ur bad idea la !! ask me shot the other gal lady , where can take it la ... she is Ferrari engine lar ... =.= ur 'si kiu' kenot work !! Zzzz....
This is SS15 traffic @ 645pm !! Teruknya , lucky got an expert driver !! If not , we are going to stuck in the jam for more than half an hour !!
Deng deng deng ... here i come !! Yuen , i come , i see , i conquer !! Muahaha ...XD
Tidy and clean before we start our MAKAN spree !!
Monyet James , late comer !! Still dare shake ur ass slow slow walk up to the restaurant !! Z.z , late jor then should move ur ass faster la !! You want make me faint in the restaurant is it ??
Left : James's Sister (Ying Jiet) << a super baka girl , but love to 'zat' me max lor !! =.=' i never bully you leh !! And yeah , the girl in white is Jolin Tsai , lols ... See her face , kenot wait to makan all those food !!
O.o how come my place so clean after filling my stomach with so much food !! The left hand side is that dirty wayne place !! Haiz , so old jor , but still eat like a kid , make the place dirty !! Xp
Hahaha .. suddenly wanted to go for steamboat buffet , so we choosed YUEN for the dinner !! Sorry ark sook huay , never invite u along since ur 'suai ge' got came for the dinner too !! Want blame then blame Jolin Tsai or Mr James !! He never called you since he is the one usually contact you !! Hahaha ... we have lots of funny chat during this small gathering !! and i officially got one leng d , my monyet Ying Jiet Xp !! got the same ears as mine still want deny it !! Zzz , ur brother also wont side you this time !! wakaka !! huh , this is so weird that the famous chicken wing no one rampas this time !! =.=' but i ate 2 pieces the taste is still the same !! how come no one rampas it ??!! Ang huey Shan ... you dare make Tom Yam on my face while i enjoying my 'lai niu har' , sob !! somemore my white shirt dirty jo (T___T) !! But you take me ice-cream right ?? Haha .. so i forgive you la !! since u so good , bring nice flavour ice-cream for me !! XD wakaka !!
Oh .. you dont like Mickey ! Spongebob also not in the list !! Hmm ... so a clown is a good thing right ?? But not the Joker Clown who is in the Batman series !! (^__^) i am not night ghost , just that my clock within my heart not yet tune back to the normal one !! [>___>] will try to sleep early lar , no worry !! Xp
Sook huay is 'da hung hua' , she quoted ' i love to walk in the rain because no one can see me cry' !! Lols .. sook huay , u make it already !! U got ur first love jor !! Lols .. XD . !! no worry , just follow the way i taught you just now in the mamak , go to some lorong and do the steps i teached you , sure you will find ur future there Xp !! But seem like David damn 'kan cheong' you lor !! He kept an eye on you while you gone to Kenneth table !! Lols ... After 21 and a half years of waiting , you will be owned by somebody !! =) i ready Red Wine celebrate with you !! (James your wine not yet drink right ? take it out celebrate sook huay got new boyfriend)
Yawn ... its time for bed !! And yeah .. Chi gor Siang , you want become Pervert is it !!?? But i wont join you lor Xp !! I am Good Boi !! Wakaka .. plus i am single now but not available !! Soul + Heart ripped and owned by some body already !! (^^,) so, you can bring Wai go out lepak without me lar !! i want stay at home become good boi Xp !!


Dav Ng said...

well... 'da hung hua' is belong to u de alex... last time i still remember u said: "my brother guywayne went back to hometown, no choice, being his brother i must help him 'kang' the one who like him (Ms Tham)"...
after finish yam char in Darul... u said this... i can remember de... LOL..!!

Gw said...

walao, help mi kang? lol..