I'm Alex :)

They Cheering Me Up

Whenever i was so down , they really cheering me up a lot !! This year can be concluded as a bad year for me !! Nothing goes well to me !! But there is not too bad thou as i think i am use to all this sucks experience already !!

One told me that , there is always darkest before you can see the dawn !! I already met with so many unwell things in my works, life , personal affair + etc etc !! So , stand up and continue to walk on ... there is a bright way soon in my life !! wahaha .. thanks to all my friends who supporting me either on mentally or financially !! i will really work very hard in order to fulfill what i have promised you guys !!

Lols .. thanks especially to sook huay !! damn funny la ... what you told me last night with james !! Ya lor ya lor .. damn agree with it !! Someone so worst than me , she also follow and believe him !! So there is not my lost anymore !!! The one who lose is her right ?? Make like i am the one who wrong all the time !! Now then secret reveil !! i am the victim , not the cause !! Cheh , whatever , i have shut off my door !! Because there is still a lot of things i need to settle !!!

Yeap oh .. sorry to wei jen !! HER birthday i also never attend !! but i do think that she is organising it in Maison and it was last Saturday !! if i am not mistaken !! Because she never contact me so i really dont know what is her exact plan ... Okay lar !! Tuesday will go find you with James as to take the paper from you !! haha .. next time got more orders from the boss will all pass to you la =) hehe !!!

Hmm .. Batman : The Dark Knight !! What a good movie !! Like James said , if you think Iron Man is thumb up , The Hulk 2 is thumb thumb up ; then Batman is thumbS up plus ur head knotting up and down for many times !! Batman is really so charming this time !! sleeping during the merger of business meeting with china group !! Bringing some hot chicks to function (wayne bruce usually does it ) with helicopter as his transport . banging truck with his Lamborghini and showing his motor bike skill with the front wheel turning 360 degree . What a wonderful stun inside the show !! Hmm ... but i do love Joker a lot !! The most challenging crime planners for all the Batman show !! His laugh plus his genius mind is really making me said : OMG , you are really my SI FU!!!! Planting mine inside the psycho stomach , bombing the whole police station , playing dynamite and pull down whole general hospital and Why So Serious + Lets Put a Smile on the Face !! This is a must watch show !!! Yeap orhhh .. better watch it at Pavillion !! Lols .. because less people there and the seat is much much more comfortable compare to others =)

Attention to Siang : you knew she is dark skin one , still dare to ask me who she is , you want me kill her that time and bang you in the same time right ?? making me so pissed off ... that night shud be a wonderful nite but u mentioning that batch making my mood 180 degree turning , haiz ... spoiling my good sweet nite !! and i am not cursing her !! because i need not do so , GOD got eyes one , The Almighthy will know what will happen next and have already plan a good road for all of us !!

Sob ... how come my botak zai not yet back to Subang , want find someone let me bully also hard !! But i am so healthy =D ... because no one blow smoke to my precious lung !! and i no need inhale so many Poison GAs !! o[^____^]v

eeeeeeeekkkkk .. July almost end !! alamak betul , i am still sleeping on my path !! (>____<)'' i must ADD OIL jor .. if not ,this year really been a sucks year for me !! Silly company , still not yet send me the remuneration package detail , how am i gonna start making my decision leh !! Sigh ...