I'm Alex :)


Headache when i see out that my this month target is not reach and July is almost end !!! Haiz to achieve my goal la if keep on bearing this type of condition go out fight !! (Zzzz ..after bath the hair looks like durian)
Woot ... my favourite bear - xiong xiong !! Say Ko-ni-ka in front of me !! Lets have a mwaks =3
Zzzz ... She dont like my kissing !! She thinks that a mwaks on my face is better !! X.x ,silly bear .. tonight u gotta oioi with the rest of the gang !! Dont come and take your pillow near me !!!

Goodbye !-ReNe , you're back to Sydney !! all da best over there !! ZZzzz .. what la keep contact thru Msn !! You hidung tinggi , tak mahu layan orang pun when you are on the line !! *Sob* Somemore that day tipu my breakfast ark , you're late and you supposed to treat me a meal right !! Zzzz ... betting with you is the most silly act i do for that day !! because you will never lose after all !! =.='

Special Edition for the Special One:
Aiyo how to describe ONEs since i never really goes into your life !!?? But , like what i said , from the picture and the conversation we took before , Here's the 2 words for YOU --- Friendly + Adorable !!! Oh , in other term - FAIRY !! Yeah , the fairy that little girls super suka one , the one got wing , and having a magic wand on their hands !! Yeap , thats the feeling right now i having on you !!
HAhaha .. XD sooner or later when you show the true color , that time i think must edit a bit the impression you left to me lor !! (^_____^) Okie , i trying to keep it as short as possible !! because you are going to complaint that ther is lots of words !!

And Ta--Da for Kenny !! Happy birthday ark big man !! YOu are my lawyer !! Faster get your license , i want to sue a lot of people !! First , is the silly landlord who is trying to fool me around !! Second is some bastard who has stole my piece of heart and Third , the future idiot who come to mess with me !!! Shabu Shabu ark KEnny , i dont feel like eating leh !! because i have lost my appetite for 2 days !! Dont have the feeling to eat nice food recently !! Oh yea , and Eriko is not going for your party !! Hope my BIG BOSS got notice this blue color of words so that he will know it !! If not , he putih putih go there and you are going to be the boy get torture by him !! Xp .. you Shud give him a call and greet him plus tell him in advance that Eriko is not going !! I go tell him later i kena lar !! kekeke ...