I'm Alex :)

FI[5]VE meanin'ful -DayS-

Woot .. finally get bak to touch my lovely computer again !! Hmm .. now i'm officially an adult !! Lols ... Getting my certificate from my university is really much much meaningful for me coz' i really achieved nothing recently !! Now , at least got one PAPER to show off that i am capable of doing things which i want to do !!

Oh yea .. Congratz to those attended the ceremony and those never present !! And Specially Congratz to TingWei , Lols .. you were supposed on the front ROW but u never attend the ceremony , hmm , it makes little disappointment among friends leh !! Because u are the 3 boys who got a chance to sit in the front rows - Result good is like that one lu !!

Er ... Mua deepest condolences for Mr Tu Heng Yew !! Be strong , tough man !! i knew you can pass it well right ?? Today saw you in Pyramid and your face told me that you are tough enough for this hard time !! u can make it one la brother , no worry !! And police also put your Dad case on the newspaper already , so , no worry la !! They will find out the true fact soon !!!! =)

[^__^] oh yea , thanks dad for the money !! Lols .. its really a big sum of money !! and it definitely will help lots in my work !!

ahem ahem ... Finally figure out why i am so stubborn on mua sad case !! But what to do .. your picture talks a lot to me !! We are really on the separate ways now !! Hmm , i think that my cousin was right in the first place , he said that i must feel the way that you felt about and we will go apart from our past life !! Uhhhhh , Uhhhhhh ..... Thats no time for whinning like a big baby !! because i still got a lot mission to complete for the coming weeks !! (=____=) need to cover my debt + must start collate all databases for my web biz !!

Below is content which is restricted to READER under age !!

kaninai chee bye biatch , still dare say never betray me !! all of your friends were helping you say good thing and improve ur image in front of me , see la all the pictures ... what the fuck you going to explain , you thought here is your playground ?? is it all child from broken family got such attitude one ark , love to see friends suffer !! Mother fucker you , wish that you wont reach what you plan in your future , suka jadi batu api , selalu cakap orang babi , tunggu la ah moi , see how you will suffer in your life !! please dont pretend you are innocent la , your mask has a crack on it , even the blind one can feel that an evil face is looking at him while you passing by them !! ass hole betul !! no wonder your so called best friends now only left 1 , 2 !! fucking hate this biatch since many months ago !! mother fucker biatch !!

*dont want do so much cursing over here but she is really the typical bitch that when you guys out there meet on the road also feel like wanna slap one * i still FEEL the way i hate her so much from the day i figure out her fucking act !!